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Funky / Disco / Fun

Over the years, the crowd’s energy at my Wilde Möhre Festival sets has grow crazier and crazier… It’s fair to say that they have become legendary and that they are the highlight of my year! Here’s the sets of the last 3 years… Enjoy the fun vibes!!

2 more disco / nu disco-inspired sets:

I love Disco and Nu Disco (the more modern, remixed version of it) for its light-heartedness and fun vibes. As the genre itself has such a great variety and, as I feel, can convey different moods, I decided to make a collection of (Nu) Disco mixes for different times of the day: fun vibes for the afternoon, relaxed warming-up vibes for the evening, punchy dance floor tracks for the night and chill-out vibes for the morning after.

Sadly, Soundcloud deleted one of the mixes so I replaced the missing one through Mixcloud.

This is another fun, playful mix of everything...

I also have a big selection of 70s-90s disco, funk, pop and club classics (the originals as well as remixes thereof) which don't always fit with the club nights I'm playing at, but which are often helpful for and welcome at private or corporate events... The following set gives an idea:

This is not quite the style I DJ, but it's a fun collection of electro remixes of old classics...