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2006 I left my native Germany and moved to London to work as an investment banker. Needless to say, I didn't do this job for very long - after 6 months I left banking and was consequently swallowed up by London's buzzing and creative atmosphere.

I started playing drums and was drummer in my own live electro band "Rotkäppchen" for about 5 years. After a while we also started DJing as Rotkäppchen whenever we couldn't play live; this is how my DJ skills and contacts initially developed. Over time I also started DJing by myself as Annie O and branched out into different genres, e.g. Electro Swing.

2012 I decided to check out Berlin - for the following 3 years I split my time between London and Berlin until I properly settled in Berlin in 2015. I gained a foothold in Berlin fairly quickly - 2015 was particularly exciting as I started both of my residencies at Revolver, Berlin's biggest gay night, as well as KitKat, one of Berlin's most renowned and internationally known clubs.

Style-wise I'm quite versatile and play a variety of genres - I can adjust myself well to the vibe and occasion. However, across all the different genres I have one major motivation: I want to spread happiness, joy and positive energy. I love seeing people losing themselves in the music and letting go, dancing wildly and smiling happily; as this is exactly what I'm doing behind the DJ booth too.